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I had my bathroom and kitchen renovation done .Zak and Mustafa NYC DESIGN BUILD excellent team work.Highly recommended.Thank you Houzz for providing such a great platform.Read More

I had VBDB renovate my living room, dining room, kitchen, and a powder room in the past few months and they did a phenomenal job! The main project manager from VBDB, Michele, is a gem. She went above and beyond the stars to make the renovations seamless for me and my family! In fact, I barely had to think about the renovations in those few months because she was so professional and had everything under control despite how difficult the project was. There are 3 instances that truly showcased how amazing Michele was. Towards the end of the renovations, we had a main clog on a Friday afternoon. Michele wasn't on site, but she went out of her way to make her way over to help assess the clog and sewage flooding. We reached out to a plumber and they fixed the clog. There was sewage in our backyard and Michele was so kind enough to help clean it all up and bleach the yard. This was something she didn't have to do, but she did so out of the kindness of her heart! As I still had some renovations remaining upstairs, I needed to cover the new kitchen and furniture that we purchased. Michele kindly helped cover all of the furniture with drop cloths and she also laid put ram board to protect the floors. Lastly, we had issues with the new fridge. Michele took the extra step and coordinated with maintenance people to help us with the fridge. My family and I are extremely thankful and blessed to have met Michele and we are sure she will continue to do great and amazing renovations in the years to come!!Read More

Going to count myself among the happy customers on Houzz. We had a few hiccups restoring an older building due to plumbing and electrical not being up to code, which ended up being a hard expense. Still, VBDB was straight up with me and went at-cost with no markup on the work, and even brought in some other tradespeople to give alternate bids. Can’t complain about the transparency they used here, and I appreciate they kept it all above the table. We ran into another few hiccups with the problems we've all experienced in the world, and here again they were stellar and beyond comparison. Now a month out from finishing, I can sit back and marvel at the work that got done. You can’t go wrong with Zak and the gang!Read More

I definitely needed some hand holding with our project. This was my first time hiring a firm for anything like this to fix up a place I’d had for the better part of 10 years. Everything was a bit outdated, as it was when I bought it, and the time was finally ready to bring it back to life. For my experience, I can speak to the fact that I felt tremendously at ease not only with the work being done, the options I was being given, but also with the fairness and thoroughness of the pricing, the level of design, and definitely the safety protocols taken with the coronavirus experience. Really caring, thoughtful and fun group of people who love what they do. Can't speak highly enough for their work!Read More

Ceiling to studs gut renovation in Queens. We had VBDB turn our 4 bedroom into a two bedroom with an office and larger living room area. Also put in a completely new bathroom and retiled and redid the existing one. Very remarkable to watch the transforming of such an old and outdated space into something so beautiful and new. Will be bringing them back in for a kitchen renovation in the future!Read More


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